With the launch of our extensive flokati rug range we thought it would be nice for this tutorial to show you how you can use your flokati rug and combine with our other layering fabrics and wraps to create stunning newborn photographs, easily!

So what is the big deal about flokati rugs? A flokati is a hand-woven Greek wool rug with a thick shaggy pile - taken from dictionary! Genuine flokati's are only made in Greece using ancient hand weaving techniques. The rugs are 100% wool so are very soft and luxurious with a very deep plush pile, perfect for the newborn studio. Flokati rugs come in various sizes and qualities, and as many things the price will generally correspond to the quality. The rugs are easily washed either by hand or in a delicate wool wash in the machine.

We are delighted to have sourced a large variety of colours of flokati rugs and will be offering them in 5' x 3' and a limited range in 6' x 4'. These sizes allow you to use the flokati rugs for single baby, twins, siblings and even family photographs and because there is so many colours to choose from you can swap and change depending on sex of baby and colour schemes the client may prefer.

Perhaps the best thing about Flokati rugs is babies just love them! We use a flokati in practically every session and more often than not it can be our savour when we cant get babies to settle. Ten minutes on the rug and hey presto the baby is asleep. Because the babies feel so comfortable and tend to drift off into a deep sleep we can add layers and textures to our photographs easily. We stock a wide range of coloured layers such as burlaps and wraps that will work with most colours of our flokati rug range.

There are different set ups you can create using different layers and wraps as shown below, each one is similar but the variation in colours and textures make them all very different.

In the images above as well as the flokati's they also use stretch wraps, burlaps and even a peice of fabric backdrop to create the set up. In the image below the photographer has used a cheesecloth wrap the baby again co-ordinating colours beautifully. Experiment by adding multiple layers underneath the baby as the middle image above, add a headband or repostion hands whilst the baby is lying down and you have a variety of shots in the bag before you move onto the beanbag!

Another advantage of using the flokati rugs is you can set up your shots and re-postion or adjust for the light very easily without disturbing the newborn baby.

As well as lying directly on the flokati you can use your flokati as a backdrop for you props when shooting down. If using one of our baskets to pose the baby in, try placing it on a flokati and co-ordinate the stuffer fabrics and layering colours in the basket with the flokati rug background as shown below and you get a gorgeous depth and texture!

So you can see why we get excited about using our flokati rugs, they are so flexibile and easy to use. Not only that our clients love them just as much as us and these kind of photographs can be sold as individual large wall art products with little effort. One product that we love for these photographs is a rustic style frame with the image drymounted into the frame instead of using mount and glass, looks amazing!
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