We have optimised the website to make your shopping experience as easy and enjoyable as possible. If you have any difficulty browsing our shop or need assistance please look through the FAQ below and if you still aren't satisfied please get in touch and we will do our best to help.

Floors, Backdrops and Floordrops

What are your backdrop and floordrop sizes in cm?

Our backdrop sizes are in feet and the approximate backdrop conversion size to metres are listed below:

4ft = 1.22 metres

5ft = 1.52 metres

6ft = 1.82 metres

7ft = 2.13 metres

8ft =  2.44 metres

10ft = 3.05 metres

12ft = 3.65 metres

14ft = 4.27 metres

16ft = 4.88 metres

What are your backdrops made off?

We currently offer two different materails; Polyfabric and Vinyl. Vinyl is suitable for floors only and is hard wearing and wipe clean. Polyfabric with its non-glare finish is perfect for backdrops, floordrops and floors. Polyfabric is easy to use and is perfect in 99% of applications, the lighter backdrops are slightly transparent and may require a white mat or vinyl underneath when using as a detailed wooden floor.

When I photograph the backdrop it doesnt look exactly like the design on your website.

All backdrops and floordrops are printed in 6K light and match the design as close as possible but camera settings, lighting and other effects can change how they look to the eye and in camera.  Some of our lighter colour designs are slightly transparent and features underneath may come through when using as a floor, this can be easily recitified by using white vinyl under the backdrop. Backdrops colours do appear slightly different in different light and having light coming through from behind will effect the density and colour of your backdrop.

All backdrops and floordrops are printed from the exact image you see on the website but due to the differences in size and materials used ther are sometimes differences in appeared sharpness and other features associated with the deisgn, if in doubt please contact us before as we cannot accept returns due to these subtle variances.

How do I hang my backdrop?

We offer two different finishes to all our backdrop and floordrops. We can roll your backdrop on a 50mm cardcore so it comes off when unrolled and you would then simply clip to a backdrop stand or pin to a wall or we can adhere it to a core like a paper roll which is compatible with the Expan Background hanging system or background stand.

How do I store my backdrop/floordrop?

For larger backdrops we recommend storing rolled and upright or on the floor, if you leave them attached to a hanging system then there may be sagging in the middle over time which may create creases and marks when un-rolled.

What is a floordrop?

A floordrop is a backdrop that extends into a floor with 50% backdrop and 50% floor. Floordrops are available on polyfabric only.

How do I clean my backdrop?

We recommend using a cloth or sponge with warm water. Please do not use an abrasive cloth or scrub the backdrops as the design will fade over time and please do not use bleach! If using your backdrop for a cake smash then please find clean quickly afterwards to prevent the dyes in the cake staining the backdrop. 

Our backdrops are hardwearing but they will mark if scuffed so please take care when using them.

Can I use the Polyfabric Floordrops for Cake Smashes?

We do not guarantee they wont mark but many photographers do you use our floordrops for cake smashes as the material is wipe clean. However you need to ensure you clean the mess up quickly as some cake dyes will mark and stain the material.

My backdrop/floordrop doesn't look like the other pictures from other photographers?

Our customers use a variety of lighting techniques, post-editing techniques and alter the look of the backdrops and as a result you need to use the pictures and descriptions to get a good idea of how the backdrop will look.

Can I return my backdrop?

As backdrops are printed to order we only accept returns if the backdrop or floordrop is damaged or has a defect. Please ensure you know what material you want and if you have any queries please get in touch before you purchase as we will not accept returns based on the wrong material selected or products not as expected due to slight colour differences.

Ordering and Returning

When I check out it goes to Paypal, I don't want to use paypal can I pay with my credit card?

We use Paypal and Worldpay as our Card Processing partners, you do not need a Paypal account and just link any payment provider you can use a credit crad without having a Paypal account. Both Paypal is secure and reliable and we very rarely have any issues with payments. You can also pay offline by giving us a call or bank transfering your payment.

I am new to photography can you help me get started.

We would love to help you get started. We have tutorials and are happy to answer any questions relating to our products.


How much is your shipping to....?

Our shipping in the UK is only £4.99. Our Shipping outside of the UK is based on a flat charge and then additional charges based on the weight and size of a product. When you add items to your basket and proceed to checkout the shipping will be calculated based on your location country. We try our hardest to keep our shipping prices affordable but larger items will cost more to ship.

If selecting our express shipping for orders with backdrops or floordrops we will prioritise your order and shipping although it may take a little longer than the standard 1-2 days as they are printed to order and take a little more time than standard products.

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