Genuine flokati rugs are skillfully handmade in Greece and are 100% wool. So why are they so popular for baby photography? 

Our flokati rugs are very good quality and weight, you can get cheap light weight rugs but these dont give you the same luxurious effect. Flokati's are so easy to use as this video will show and once in postion newborn babies normally fall fast asleep quickly. We stock many different colours that are all easily co-ordinated with our wraps and other layering materials, some are more gender specific yet most can be used for boy or girl.  Flokati's provide a lovely deep luxurious layer to pose newborn babies on and create amazing textures that are guaranteed to sell your photographs.

You can explore different set-ups using different wraps and materials such as the 'so soft wool' and 'little bag of curls'. In this clip Carol has used the Chestnut 5ft Flokati and a Cocoa Stretch Wrap. As ever we keep things very simple using lovely soft light provided by one Bowens 400R with the 80x60 softbox.

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