​The new Baby Prop Shop Studio Cushion is our latest addition to our studio posing aids. All our posing aid products have been created by us to suit our own studio needs and we have developed the size, material, weight and filling of the studio cushion to make sure it is as useful as possible for the mobile and studio based photographer.

The studio cushion is 1 metre by 1 metre in size and is made from a white wipeable material and filled with beanbag beans, if you want it firmer just through some blankets or other filling in. 

We keep finding different uses for the cushion and since receiving the final product have used it in so many sessions. It can be used for newborns, older sibling shots, single child, 4-8 week olds and on tummy baby shots. It can be used for anything, just throw a blanket over it to co-ordinate with backgrounds! It is also very safe to use as it moulds around the child and is low lying compared to a full size bean bag.

In the photographs below you will see an 8 week old baby, a very awkward age as there is little neck strength and they tend to be very fidgity. The cushion is very pliable which makes supporting the child very easy. We had this baby on its back, on its side, the older sibling leaning over the top and because the cushion is so low it is easy to shoot from above unlike a full size beanbag.

Turn the baby on its side and push the cushion into shape and the baby is moulded into postion and is very very comfy!

The cushion is also superb for the Newborn Photographer as shown below, just clip on your backdrop and through over the cushion and off you go easy!

In our studios we often get 1-2 year olds who just wont sit still, they want to climb on everything but the prop or position you want them to be in! We found the studio cushion helps in these situations as it is fun to sit on the cushion, they can jump on it just sit on it allowing you to get the headshots or tummy shots you need.

We love it and I think you will too and at only £44.99 it is a perfect low cost posing aid for any studio.

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