The Baby Prop Shop Posing Nest is our latest posing aid offering and having used it ourselves during the development we think you will like it!

The Posing Nest is a long (130cm) tube filled with a mixture of soft and heavy filling and made from a white waterproof fabric. At each end of the tube there is two long lengths of Velcro, allowing you to secure the tube into a circle with the size dependant on where you fasten the Velcro.

The main purpose of the Nest is to help create a circular posing area for the newborn baby predomenantly on a beanbag. This circular posing area is essential for some beanbag shots where you need security for the baby and an area that allows the babies head and feet to be raised above the body. The Nest is also very useful for Flokati shots where you place the circular nest under the flokati and again a natural posing area is created ready to pose the baby without worrying about the baby moving out of position.

The Posing Nest is very easy to use in practice. First you need to make a circular shape, depending on the size of the baby you can make this smaller or larger. Fasten the fastening end to the opposite end of the Posing Nest using the Velcro fastening strips. Place the Nest on the beanbag where you will be posing the baby. You should have an idea of which fabric backdrop you are going to be using so you may want to think about using coordinating under layers. Generally it would be recommended to use 2-3 under layer blankets to provide a soft base for laying the child on as show in the photographs below. These layers are important also because they soften the circular shape and don't make it so obvious in the final photographs.


Once you have enough under layers you can drape your fabric backdrop over the bean bag and secure it tight using the elastic cord if using the BPS Bean Bag. As you can see the shape is now very subtle yet when you place the baby down in position the shape will make all the difference. You can of course use a the Nest in conjunction with the BPS Posing Pod to make the posing angles a little more pronounced as show in the second image below. In this image the left and right sides are raised yet the front and rear to camera still provides the stability needed for some trickier poses.


I am sure you will agree in the final image below using the nest for the first time, the nesting effect is subtle yet effective. You can also try and use the nest for many different uses including a front on cushion for posing the baby on the hands or double over to provide a larger raised platform for front, back or tummy shots.

The Baby Prop Shop Nesting Pod has several unique selling points, it is versatile and adjustable, it is waterproof in case of mishaps and can be wiped clean, and it can be used for more than one purpose in the newborn baby studio.

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