The Baby Prop Shop Posing Beanbag was launched a month or so ago along with the Long Posing Cushion. So this month we thought we would show you how we use the beanbag and cushion in our first year baby studio.

We developed the beanbag to help make things a little easier for the newborn and first year baby photographer when using a fabric backdrop. We would spend hours cloning and removing un-wanted creases in blankets and backdrops during the editing so we came up with our unique design beanbag to alleviate this issue. The beanbag has eight fastening hoops located around the top of the beanbag to which an elastic cord is threaded and tied off. This cord as you will see below allows you to clip and pull tight the fabric backdrop at any location around the top of the beanbag. The beanbag also has a large front pouch to store your clips when not in use, very handy! Measuring approximately 42-45" in diameter and 18-20" tall depending on how full you fill it, means it is perfect for newborn, baby and big enough for twins and older sibling photography too.

The Long Posing Cushion is a long cylindrical white fabric cushion with a velcro strip opening for filling. The cushion has been designed to help support and pose the baby when doing shots with the baby on its tummy looking at the camera straight on. For the example below we have our cushion filled with polyester fibre which provides a soft and subtle cushion that supports the baby nicely, ideal for 4 month old babies that have a little neck strength. You can fill the long cushion with blankets or other materials if you wish for a firmer cushion i.e. for sibling or older children shots.


For this session we have a 4 month old baby girl coming into the studio to see us and we will start the session with some on tummy shots.The image below shows our backdrop stand with beanbag and posing cushion placed in postion.

Once the cushion is in position we place a heavier blanket over the top of the cushion as shown below. This blanket helps to keep the cushion in place and also protects the child from direct contact with a cold beanbag.

Now we attach our fabric backdrop to our backdrop stand as shown below. We use our large clips for the backdrop stand although the backdrop set does come with two clips of its own. Pull the fabric relatively tight across the backdrop stand to help remove any creases.

The next step is to clip (using small or medium clips) the edges of the fabric backdrop to the elastic cord that extends all the way round the beanbag. When using the beanbag like this you only really need 2 or 3 clips at each side. Make sure you pull each side taught, this will remove the creases and create a lovely area to pose the baby on. If you arent using a backdrop stand then you can pull the backdrop tight all round the beanbag leaving space at the front to slip posing pods underneath when posing. 

Once the fabric is clipped in place you should end up with a lovely smooth backdrop on whic you can pose the baby. This whole procedure takes seconds and saves hours of tedious editing after the session!

Below shows a photograph using the actual set up above straight out of camera with no editing whatsoever, no wrinkles in sight!

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