Baby Prop Shop floordrops are proving very popular with more and more photographers. We are often asked how to use them, which material is best and how is the floordrop finished. In this tutorial we will try and show you the different options available and also introduce the amazing polyfabric material.

A floordrop is a backdrop element and floor combined into one. There are endless combinations we can create and using a floordrop is easy. Most of our floordrops have a middle transition from the floor into the backdrop which when hung correctly offers an almost seamless transition. Many of our floordrops are bi-directional and offer the photographer two different set ups as well as being able to use the floordrop simply as a backdrop.


Our floordrops come in three sizes, 6ft x 3 ft, 8ft x 4 ft and 10ft x 5ft. The smaller 6ft size is only really suitable for the newborn photographer that only needs or has a small working space and wouldnt be suitable for larger props or sibling shots. The 8ft size is perfect for portable photographers and can be used with larger props but again it is better suited to newborn photography. The 10ft floordrop is perfect for newborn, older baby/child and sibling shots.


We offer two finishing options. We can either just ship the floordrop rolled on a carboard tube or we can use a strong adhesive and stick the floordrop to a cardboard core which as the video below shows can be used on a backdrop stand or a wall mount system. 

The benefits of having the floordrop un-finished is it can be turned around and used in both directions easily or you can just use as a floor or backdrop using either part. It is very easy to clip the floordrop to a backdrop stand as shown in the video below. If you decide have your floordrop mounted onto a cardcore please note it cannot be easily removed, but it is great for storage!

The below image shows the Cardcore Finishing.

The video below shows how easy it is to use our Polyfabric backdrops and illustrates how resilient they are to creasing and illustrates the different finishings available.

Storing your floordrop

One of the great properties of the Polyfabric material is it is crease resistant which makes it great for storing and transporting. For longer periods it is better to store rolled but for day to day use in the studio or when transporting to a shoot it can be folded over and left without damaging the floordrop.

Using your Floordrop

The Polyfabric material lays flat easily but like any material it will work better when used on a flat surface such as laminate or the dense foam padded tiles used in many studios. 

Using one of our lightweight backdrop stands the floordrop can be clipped to the cross section and hung easily and with a little adjustment it is ready to use very quickly.

Perhaps the best property of the Polyfabric material is it is virtually non-glare. You can practically have you lights set up in any direction and the backdrop wont show any or very little glare.

The below image illustrates the non-glare properties of the Polyfabric material. In this image the light is direction straight at the floordrop.

The video below shows Karen Wiltshire of KW Photography using our floordrops.

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