Have you ever wondered the secret behind the simple black and white images of holding the baby? The baby looks adrift and held in mid-air but this actually a false illusion.

This photograph is very simple to do and has the added bonus of being super safe as the baby is being held only an inch or so above the hold of his parents lap.  So, how is this look achieved?  Here is a simple step by step process of how to do it!

Ask your clients, the parents of the child to take along with a black t-shirt and have an extra large legth of black felt at hand (available from baby prop shop).  Have the parent seated and make sure their arms are free of the black background. Have the parents hold the baby safely just an inch or so above their lap.  The baby can be held and photographed in a variety of poses using this technique.


1.  Choose your 'burn' tool and select range to 'shadows'. Choose a brush size that is fairly large. 

3.  Darken and paint away all the black areas until they are very black.

4. Once you are happy the blacks are as dark as can be, convert your image to a black and white style that suits you.


Top Tips - be careful you don't darken too much of the parents arms.  

To make sure your background is pure black go to levels and brighten your image.  This will show you the areas of the background that need more work.

Once you have mastered this technique there are many different shots you can try.

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