New Shades Background Rolls

Introducing our new ‘Shades Background Studio Rolls’

Our Shades Backdrop Rolls are 1.35m wide (the same as a small paper roll) with a 2.5m drop printed on our Polyfabric material, a great alternative to paper rolls!

Lots of gorgeous colours with a lovely delicate texture on all designs making these perfect for headshot, classic and contemporary portraits. Use them with a three or six mount wall system and have all your favourite colours ready to use during a session simple drop down and wind up!

Currently 10 colours available but many more to come and if you have a bespoke colour idea no problem!

Check out our buy 2 get 1 half price offer.

For a limited time all Shades Backdrop Roll orders will get a free backdrop storage bag.…/shades-background-roll-special…/

Cream Canvas Backdrop

Here’s the gorgeous Cream Canvas in use my Melanie of Art of the Newborn training. This is the 10×5 Polyfabric Floordrop version being used as a floor only, lovely tones co-ordinated beautifully!

Backdrop Weekly Special

The Weeks Summer Backdrop Weekly Sizzler is…..

Spend over £200 on any backdrops or floor drops and we will give you a £50 voucher code for you to spend on anything in the shop!

The offer is valid until Sunday.

Strom Clouds and Cotton Latte Floordrops

Two new contemporary floor drops now available in our standard and ProStudio ranges.

Storm Clouds is a moody dark grey brown with hints of red and subtle greens with a mottled textured backdrop and a faded panel floor element. A great backdrop perfect for fine art or classic family portraiture.

Cotton Latte floordrop is a soft creamy grey latte brown colour with a faded panel effect floor and soft cloudy textured backdrop blended together.

watercolor background

Infinity and Combo Wrapping Tutorial

In this short video we show you how we use the Infinity Wrap and two Stretch Wraps to create beautiful effects using out teak bowl, farmhouse wood floor, posing nest and dusk faux fur stuffer.

You can use any combination of Infinity Wrap and Stretch Wraps, try and experiment with similar as well as contrasting colours. The Inifinity wrap makes the wrapping a little easier by stopping arms and legs moving about when wrapping, if you are new to wrapping these will really help you out. We have found the easiest way to use the Infinity Wraps is to have the child in your arms or legs as shown to put it on prior to placing the baby into the prop.

We have used a dark wood floor for this shoot, but why not try a white floor or even a colourful floor co-ordinated with your wraps?

Remember always work safely!



Cake Smash Sets

Heres a few of our new Cake Smash Backdrop Sets – Watercolour Pattern 1 (PF) and Water Colour Pattern 5 (PF) along with the White Washed Wood Floor (Vinyl) as well as the super tasty cakes by N Deering Cakes.

We find the best way to set up for a cake smash is to pin the backdrop against a solid wall and add a piece of white skirting at the bottom to tidy things up. We use polyfabric for our backdrops and wipe clean vinyl for the floor. As for lighting, because there is no glare from the Polyfabric you can light as you wish and the vinyl won’t reflect as a floor if shooting from the front. We use slightly off centre 45 degree lighting with a single Softbox and works perfectly!

Weekly Backdrop Deal

Sticking to the Cake Smash theme, this Weeks Backdrop Special is…….
Purchase any 5×5 Cake Smash Backdrop and get a FREE 5×5 Vinyl floor to complete your set up!
Just place your order and email us your preferred vinyl floor.

Favourite Set Ups – Farmhouse Teak

We are going to be showing you our favourite set ups in a series of new posts, if you have your own favourite please share with us as we would love to see how you are using our products.

This set up is used pretty much every session in our studio and is so easy to have set up before client arrives and takes only a few minutes to finish once you have the baby in your arms.

The floor is our Farmhouse Wood Backdrop in Polyfabric, no glare and if you feather your lights you will get a lovely even light across the set up and baby. Next is the Teak Posing Bowl, wonderful to use and perfect size for most newborn babies. We are using the Plum Faux Fur Stuffer in this set up and co-ordinating with a Passion Infinity Wrap to help with the extra wrapping (Infinity Wraps hold arms and legs together like a sock). The main wraps are the Purple Stretch Wrap and Grape Cheesecloth. Obviously you can use whatever wraps you like to contrast or co-ordinate in similar colours, either way the use of two wraps adds loads of texture and lovely depth.