Backdrops and Floordrops

Apologies for not posting for a while it has been a little manic and I have been neglecting my blogging!

Here’s loads of pictures by our amazing customers using our backdrops. Check out our facebook backdrop community group to keep in touch with how photographers are using the backdrops.

Vintage Midnight

Karen Wiltshire Floordrop Number 14

Karen Wiltshire Floordrop Number 11

Karen Wiltshire Floordrop Number 1

Karen Wiltshire Backdrop Number 9

Karen Wiltshire Backdrop Number 12

Karen Wiltshire Floordrop Number 1

Vintage Brown Backdrop

Vintage Brown Floordrop

Vintage Rose Floordrop

Vintage Grey Backdrop

Farmhouse Wood Floor and Vintage Brown Backdrop

The Christina Lauder Collection

Christina Lauder, one of the UK’s top portrait photographers has created her own unique collection of backdrops that reflects her own photographic style and vision.

The gorgeous collection of painted canvas style backdrops offer something completing different to our other backdrop designs, each design having loads of intricate textures, features and soft borders all in a beautiful palette of colours all inspired by the works of various artists including Turner, Rembrant, Velazquez, Degan and Caravaggio.

Christina is a master trainer and is holding some training workshops around the country shortly.

Fife – August 23:

Gates Head – August 24:

Somerset – September 10:

Check out the Christina Lauder backdrop range here

The Karen Wiltshire Collection

We are so lucky to have so many amazing photographers using our backdrops and floor drops. Karen Wiltshire is not only an amazing photographer but also an amazing person who has now created a wonderful new wide plank wooden floor collection of backdrops for Baby Prop Shop. We introduce to you the Karen Wiltshire Collection!

The collection can be viewed here.

When Brown isn’t Brown!

Here is a stunning Image by Gary Hill using our Vintage Brown Backdrop yes brown backdrop! Gary is a wizard post edit and he has adjusted the colour channels to make the background appear charcoal black – stunning!

vintage brown desaturated by Gary Hill
vintage brown desaturated by Gary Hill

Shop in Euros and US Dollars!

Great News four our European and US customers, you can now shop using Euro’s and US Dollars!

Simply click on the currency button on the top menu and then select your currency!

A little festive treat ;)

Here’s a festive treat – get 10% of everything in December including backdrops and floordrops by using code ‘happychristmas’ at checkout.

Have a great run up to Christmas everyone!