Favourite Set Ups – Farmhouse Teak

We are going to be showing you our favourite set ups in a series of new posts, if you have your own favourite please share with us as we would love to see how you are using our products.

This set up is used pretty much every session in our studio and is so easy to have set up before client arrives and takes only a few minutes to finish once you have the baby in your arms.

The floor is our Farmhouse Wood Backdrop in Polyfabric, no glare and if you feather your lights you will get a lovely even light across the set up and baby. Next is the Teak Posing Bowl, wonderful to use and perfect size for most newborn babies. We are using the Plum Faux Fur Stuffer in this set up and co-ordinating with a Passion Infinity Wrap to help with the extra wrapping (Infinity Wraps hold arms and legs together like a sock). The main wraps are the Purple Stretch Wrap and Grape Cheesecloth. Obviously you can use whatever wraps you like to contrast or co-ordinate in similar colours, either way the use of two wraps adds loads of texture and lovely depth.