More Stunning Photographs using our ProStudio Backdrops

Here’s some more examples of our Impressions One ProStudio Backdrop in use by Gary Hill.

Our ProStudio backdrops come up to 10 feet wide and are printed on our Polyfabric material. They are so versatile and easy to use and as you can see you can create some wonderful effects using gels or by a little magic in post edit.

Your Photographs – Rachel Sloan Photography

Another lovely set of images to share, this time from Rachel Sloan Photography.

Rachel is totally mobile visiting her clients at their homes and sticks to beautifully simple poses with fantastic lighting. All the photographs below use some of our props and backdrops including our Stretch and Mohair Wraps and Warm Aged Wood Polyfabric Floordrop.

Rachel says:

“As a creative newborn photographer, it’s really important to have a great selection of props so I can style a shoot the way that both the parents will love and that fits in with my style. Baby Prop Shop has an incredible selection of beautiful props, which can be used in any number of ways. My must-have is the cream fur flokati which I use in nearly every session and which can be accessorized with wraps, rompers, hats and even other furs. It also works as a lovely backdrop for layering other props onto such as bowls or tubs, which creates a lovely soft and cozy set up. Floordrops are another amazing creation and whether shooting from above or forwards into a prop, means I can change the look of a set up quickly and easily. I absolutely love the Warm Aged PolyFabric Floordrop which gives a richness to my images and I combine this with warm coloured wraps in a wooden bowl or tub. For my shoots I use a profoto lighting set up with a Profoto B1 head, Air remote trigger and a 5ft Octabox (attached a little picture of my set up). I shoot with a Nikon D4 24-70mm f2.8 and 50mm f1.4. usually at the shallow end to create beautiful depth of field.”