Rainbow Ribbon Backdrop
Rainbow Ribbon is a lovely backdrop suitable for cake smash, sitter or older child sessions using a mixture of brown, pink, green, blue and yellow pastel colours in vertical ribbon like patterns.
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Caramel 24" Flokati Stuffer
This is a gorgeous deep luxurious plush caramel colour 100% real wool Flokati Stuffer measuring 24" x 24".

Perfect for filling baskets and props and adding texture.
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Sea Blue Infinity Wrap
Our amazing new Infinity Wraps make wrapping a newborn baby simple! One long sock like wrap that is stretchy enough to double over and use as a traditional stretch wrap or to cover arms and legs or to just cover the tummy leaving legs exposed.

So simple, so easy and so creative.
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Faded Grey Wood Backdrop
Faded Grey Wood is a wood panelled floor or backdrop with different shades of light grey with thy natural worn and faded wood texture and characteristics. Perfect as a more neutral floor or as a backdrop. There is also a Faded Grey Floordrop.
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Pink Floral Art Backdrop
Painted on art canvas and then reproduced to create a gorgeous depth to your backdrop Pink Floral Art is a lovely rich mixture of pinks and creams with a floral brushed pattern framing the top of the image.
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Warm Aged Wood Floor Drop
Floordrops are designed to act as a backdrop and a floor in one, simply un-roll using a standard backdrop stand and you have a complete floor and backdrop set-up ready to go!

Warm Aged Wood is a wooden panelled floor or backdrop with a lovely slightly worn warm wood appearance with lots of texture and grain. The floor drop is one continuous wood effect for the top and bottom.
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Blush Hooded Romper
The hooded romper suits are a single piece chunky stitch romper with matching hood and finished with two wooden buttons.

Newborn sized these are super cute for little boys or girls.
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5 Blanket Backdrop Starter Set
This is the 5 blanket backdrop starter special set which includes the Walnut Mohair blanket, Dusky Brown Shabby Blanket, Oatmeal Shabby Blanket, Double Shabby Blanket and the Cloudy Grey Popcorn, all together discounted by to individual blanket prices.

Big discount to individual prices!
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Sky Blue Crochet Hat
The Crochet range of hats are made from a super soft mohair yarn and knitted using a wide intricate stitch. Each hat is finished with delicate tie tassels. The hats are stretchy fit and are suitable for newborn up to around about 2 months.
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Baby Prop Shop is your one stop shop for all your baby photography studio props and baby photography accessory needs. We have a growing range of quality newborn backdrop fabrics, Genuine Flokati Rugs, newborn photography cheese cloth wraps, newborn baby mohair wraps, Newborn Stretch Wraps, large range of faux furs, baby hats and headbands as well as newborn photography posing props and equipment.

Newborn baby photography is becoming very popular in the UK with more and more portrait photographers including newborn photography into their studio offerings. To differentiate yourself from your competitors you need an edge, we believe Baby Prop Shop offers you that edge! All our products are sourced and imported from the best suppliers produced from high quality materials and available to you at affordable prices.

We have taken a holistic approach to our growing product line up. We have complimentary newborn photography backdrop fabrics, newborn photography cheese cloths, newborn mohair wraps, Flokati rugs, beautiful faux furs and headbands that used together will help you create co-ordinated and very saleable photography. As photographers ourselves we have used most of the fabrics and posing props to ensure it is suitable for our newborn and first year baby photography.

Excitingly we have a growing range of 100% Genuine Greek Flokati's in some amazing colours. We also have an amazing selection of long hair faux furs in two different sizes which we honestly believe are possibly the best furs available to the UK new born photographer!

We will be updating our photography tutorials regularly with some great tips and advise on using our products and photographing babies. We have many more great ideas for Baby Prop Shop so sign up for our news letter to keep up to date.

We hope you like Baby Prop Shop and if you have any questions or have any feedback then please feel free to get in touch

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